Adaptor and Converter

*Communication Mode:
①point-to-point/4-line full duplex
②point-to-multipoint/4-line full duplex
③point-to-point/2-line half duplex
④point-to-multipoint/2-line half duplex



*Transmit/ receive data automatically.
*Applicable to 32 devices.
*Full/half duplex self- adaption mode.
*High-speed and stable transmission, packet loss prevention, excellent anti-interference capacity.
*Built-in lightning protection circuit.
*Input: RS- -232 Connector
*Output: RS-485/422 Connector
*Interface Characteristic: TIA/EIA RS -232, RS-485/RS-422
*Communication Rate: 300bps~115,200bps
*Operating Voltage: 9V-24V
*Protection Level: 土15KV ESD and 600W lightning & surge protection
*Operating Mode: Asynchronous half duplex or asynchronous full duplex
*Transmission Media: Twisted cable or shielded cable
*Signals: Power (PWR), Tranmitting (TXD), Receive (RXD)
*Transfer Rate: 115.2Kbps 300m, 38.4Kbps 600m, 9,600bps 1.2km
*Operating Environment: -25C (-13°F) to 70°C (158°F);
Relative Humidity: 5%-95%
*Dimension: L105.84 x W90 x H24 (mm)

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