Adaptor and Converter

*Input: DB9 Female with studs
EIA / TIA RS232C compliant
Transmission distance 5m
*Output: DB9 Male with nut,connected with terminal post
EIA / TIA RS485 compliant
Transmission Distance:1200M max (9600bps)
*Bidirectional protocol conversion
*TVS converter
*Transmission rate: 300bps-115.2Kbps
*RS485 interface supports 600W lightning surge protection for each line
*ESD protection:contact ± 4KV, air discharge ± 15kV
*Working mode: asynchronous half duplex differential transmission, single point to single point, single point to multi point
*Operating temperature:
Commercial products: – 25°C-70°C
Industrial products: – 40°C-85°C
*Supports Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Mac OS X 10.6 and above and Linux
*Product size: 84.5*36.2*17mm


This is a passive RS232 to RS485 interface adapter, which can realize two-way data transmission. RS485 can be used with terminals to meet the needs of different application scenarios. The product appearance is new design, small and fashionable.

Application: widely used in industrial automation control system, automatic banking system, highway toll system, attendance system and other fields.

The length of the balanced twisted pair is inversely proportional to the transmission rate, and the maximum transmission distance can be reached only when the speed is below 100kb / s. Only in a short distance can we get the highest speed transmission. In general, the maximum transmission rate of 100m long twisted pair is only 1MB / s

This product does not support the use of direct DB9 male interface terminal equipment. The correct way of use is to connect with RS485 equipment through the terminal post.

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